Thursday, November 28, 2013

Israel's Yielding on Jerusalem

On April 22, this year, MK Yariv Levine asked the Foreign Minister a Parliamentary Question regarding the PA-Jordanian Agreement on Jerusalem.

Noting that the agreement seemingly represents an attempt to negatively affect Israel's sovereignty in Jerusalem and its holy shrines, his two queries are:

1.  What is Israel's official stand regarding the agreement?

2.  Why does Israel not declare publicly and firmly that it rejects this injurious attempt?
 The answer came a month later from then Deputy Foreign Minister Zev Elkin:

and reads:

Re: Israel's Ignoring of the Agreement between King Abdallah and the PA President as regards the Temple Mount

1.  The setting of Jordan's position complies with Israel's outlook and contributes to the distancing of undesired elements, including Qatar and other Arab Muslim countries.

2.  The Jordanian recognition of Palestinian sovereignty in East Jerusalem is not new but has been reestablished by this agreement.

3.  The agreement does comply with the terms of the special status awarded to Jordan concerning the holy sites to Islam according to the Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty, 9 (2), and therefore restricts the Palestinian aspirations (symbolically and administratively) on the Temple Mount.

This is outrageous.

I complained about the ignoring.

I asked Yariv to pursue the matter. 



If you comprehend Hebrew, listen here to the Internal Security Minister admitting he was told recently by the Prime Minister not to allow prayer by Jews on the Temple Mount.


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