Monday, November 25, 2013

Danny Seidmann Is Rocked (Updated - Now Twice)

Danny Seidmann and I (I think I've informed you already) are old acquaintances and I always seek to treat him as a friend.  I have no reason not to.

He is an ideological and political rival and yes, seeks my removal from Shiloh.

From Peace Now, he moved to Ir Amim and then over to Terrestrial Jerusalem.

And now, he got rocked while at Sur Bahir (Baher?). He got stuck in

...a traffic jam in the center of the village [and as he relayed], just as school was getting out. I didn’t see it coming, but should have: I was a sitting duck. The rock was probably thrown at point blank range; it smashed the side window with enough force to leave a deep gash in the back of my head. I was fortunate: I did not lose consciousness, nor my sense of orientation.


A toddler was seriously injured in that same are now.

His reflections?

For me this changes rock can move me to hate...

...a group of prominent residents of Sur Bahir paid me a visit, expressing regrets...They told me that they had gone today from classroom to classroom in the schools, telling these young men and women: “ you have any idea whose skull you bashed in? Only because of him you are sitting in this classroom, because he is the guy who got it built.”...But it was also very sad. Worse than sad – it was colonial...The rock...was hurled because I am an Israeli – the occupier. It’s also possible that it’s because I am a Jew...As long as the occupation exists, events like this will happen and no one is exempt from them...this ends not when Palestinians behave better, or when our Shin Bet becomes more efficient. It ends when occupation ends. Until then, I remain a symbol of that occupation, and not without reason. And no good deeds, as it were, will redeem me or protect me.

Well, the conclusion is irrational.  And maybe he should have been thinking of Arabs as Arabs while amidst Arabs.

As one dear friend wrote to me: 

Nothing will knock sense into him.

He got hit in the first place despite his good deeds.  And since Jews "got hit" before the so-called 'occupation' that somehow began in 1967, there is a disconnect in his historical fact framework.  And I can assure him that is the 'occupation' ends, the rock-throwing will continue just as there was terror from 1920 on. 

Even that +972 blogger knows better of:

the dangers of assuming, as Danny may be doing here that violence will end the moment the occupation does. It’s not realistic for either side, for nowhere in the world has violence ended.

In the second place, as another friend noted to me, 

the entire article is very significant. it shows that they do not care if more violence results so long as their vision of 'peace" is achieved. the last sentence is very revealing: increased violence can't deter progress. how is their progress with more violence?

A third (yes, we share thoughts) conveyed this

 The "sacrifices for peace" mentality.

In other, alright, in my words, what was expressed was the 'logic' that Arabs are not responsible for their actions, another version of the "victimization" concept.  It's all up to the Jews.  Peace efforts are all ours for the Arab is 'handicapped' - by we Jews as Zionists, although I really do not believe Arabs truly make a distinction between Jews and Zionists.

It is time we Jewish Zionists consider taking a better charge of matters.



Dani Dayan wrote:

"I call on the police, the GSS and all other security bodies to catch the persons who threw the stones that struck Adv. Danny Seidmann and to pursue the matter to the full extent of the law and to uproot this despicable phenomenon from out of our midst.  We cannot allow ourselves to be reconciled to such behavior amongst us.



NormanF said...

I wish this kind of obtuse moral blindness reality began and ended with Danny Seidemann's exposure to Arab terror.

But when you have Israeli politicians like Isaac "Bugi" Herzog, the new leader of the Israel Labor Party and Zehava Gal On of Meretz, find a pact that koshers Iran's breakthrough to a nuclear bomb acceptable, it points to a much deeper problem. Where is the Israeli Left that founded the State and fought to protect it? Their peace fetishism seems to have overcome their recognition of reality, namely that the Middle East is a dangerous place full of people who genuinely hate Jews and want to see them all dead.

Then too, there is there evident loathing for Zionism on a such a scale that it renders them insensible to wild anti-Semitic outbursts like those from Iran's Grand Poobah last week, describing Jews as "rabid dogs" - as much as its made Seidemann oblivious to the personal effects of Arab hate upon them.

Normal people care for self-preservation and for doing anything to have their nation survive. Seidemann's personal experience is a syndedoche of all the Jews in Israel, who in their self-hatred, want to take down the rest of their fellow Jewish brethren together with them.

The Israeli Left presents in its current incarnation, a real danger to the continued existence of the State - and I don't see it reviving the legacy of David Ben Gurion and his passionate commitment to Zionist values any time soon.

NormanF said...

I wholeheartedly in the need for Zionist Jews to lead where others falter -

by the way, the Elder Of Ziyon has a thread on the incident here -

YMedad said...

Herzog's diminutive is pronounced "Buzhi", with a soft j.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

well, YM, Buzhi is a jerky, however his name is pronounced, ee. By the way, I am always amused to see rich folk like Buzhi/jerky take leadership roles in the Labor party. They always tell us how much they love the poor folk and sympathize with their plight and all that. It's heartwarming.

NormanF said...

He is the son of his illustrious father Chaim Herzog, a general and noted historian of Israel's wars.

He has pretty big shoes to fill in the Labor Party, which is a shadow of what it has been.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

The profound ignorance of the 972 crowd and Seidman in particular about Arab-Muslim culture is shocking. Of course, most Israelis are probably ignorant in that way, but the 972 crowd pretends to a certain intellectual superiority so the ignorance in their case is more contemptible.
In fact, Arab-Muslim boys are encouraged by their tradition and Muslim teachings to show contempt for non-Muslims, the kufar, by throwing stones at the unbelievers on the street and in public places, among other ways. This religiously approved practice goes way back in Islam and has not been repudiated by the religious leadership. It happened to Prof Norman Stillman a number of years ago when he visited his wife's family in Morocco.

Anonymous said...

this is exactly what happened to Fisk in Afghanistan and he gave the same response. it's a pernicious form of moral narcissism in which looking good trumps behaving in a way to support and defend moral values.