Friday, November 01, 2013

On Provocation and Alleged

Amazing how the term "provocation" becomes a weapon in the Muslim arsenal:-

Dozens of Jewish settlers led by a rabbi broke into the Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem on Thursday morning...around 30 settlers including women and children entered the holy site via the Maghareba gate.

It said that a rabbi led the group on a provocative tour of the mosque’s courtyards and came too close to students then sat not far away from them and the rabbi started to give instructions and tried to offer Talmudic rituals amidst explanations on the alleged temple.

The students and Aqsa guards were provoked by the tour and started shouting at the settlers, who were escorted by Israeli special forces, until the settlers were forced to get out of the holy site.

And you caught this?

 explanations on the alleged temple

And that from persons who believe in an alleged visit by an alleged prophet on a horse allegedly that could fly to Jerusalem from where he allegedly ascended to heaven.


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