Saturday, November 16, 2013

I Just Became a Left-Wing Radical Progressive

Well, for as long as it took me to read this:-

...never until now have I seen the power of punctuation so perniciously deployed.  It is not a new trick. Very popular in hackdom during the Cold War decades. Enclose something in quotation marks and all between them is instantly de-legitimized; no argument or explanation need be made..

...It is lying by misleading and by implication, so sending us off full of groundless conviction and prejudice.  In this case, we have the irresponsible use of inverted commas, as the Brits say, to shape national opinion on a question of vital importance...We have our familiar problem with our friends on Eighth Avenue, the New York Times, faithful servants of the sanctioned orthodoxy. I give these folks an “A” for clever disguise this time, and I flunk them in the professional ethics class. Simply shameful, this round of reckless chicanery.

My feelings exactly about the NYTimes.


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