Friday, November 22, 2013

White Is A Blackguard

Reframe, redefine, fudge it.

That's the progressive line on how to subvert and undermine Israel's stanidng.


Ben White lectured in SUBO-Brooklyn College NY last Thursday, on tour as part of the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) Right to Education Week.  He argued that Israel was an apartheid state and advocated for a one-state solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict.

From the report:

“No one is saying Israel is exactly equivalent with South Africa,” he continued. “Ultimately, the way we judge apartheid is defined by international law.”...White said that the starting point for understanding the the source of Israel’s apartheid system is to look back at the 1948 Arab-Israeli war...“The only reason Israel has a Jewish majority is because of the forced expulsion of the Palestinians,"...White noted that his lecture occurred exactly one year after Israel launched air strikes inside Gaza in response to rocket attacks by Hamas militants...White pointed out that even after the cease-fire, Israel still continues to block a variety of goods from entering Gaza and the West Bank.  “On what ground does this policy have to do with security?” White asked. “To ask the question is to highlight the ridiculousness of it.”

White said that Israeli policies regarding the Palestinians are meant to “maintain a regime that insures the domination of one group over another.” White concluded his lecture by asking his audience to rethink Israel’s right to be a Jewish state. He called the peace process towards a two-state solution a failure.
“Re-imagine a future of genuine coexistence and equality,” he said. “Real coexistence only happens after you have broken down the power structures that maintain the status quo.”

There is no logic in there, no reason, no fact.

That's progress.

Not "exactly".  What does that mean except that it is an isn't 

Why start in 1948?  Why not November 30, 1947 when Arabs - continuing their violent, aggressive terror and ethnic-cleansing campaign against Jews waged since 1920 - opened hostilities against the Jewish, yes, "Jewish", state recommended by the UN, while partitioning, yet again, the territory for the Jewish national homeland as mandated by the League of Nations in 1922, recognized by the US in 1924 by treaty, as decided upon at San Remo in 1920, all according to international law?

Given that Hamas just got discovered using cement to build a tunnel into Israel, I think we'd all agree that security has everything to do with it.

When one group (Arabs) refuses to agree to the reality of a Jewish state and actively identifies with its enemies, adopts the toxic terminology of disenfranchisement and does not even participate by its own volition in the civic culture of Israel except to vote for anti-Zionist politicians, domination is required.

Let us be presented with one Arab/Muslim state that practices coexistence even to other Arab-Muslims, not to mention Christians, then maybe we can believe "Palestine" will be the second.

White is a blackguard.



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