Saturday, August 03, 2013

I Agree with the DG of the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs

Found in the Al-Medina newspaper of Saudi Arabia:

The director general of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs’ Madinah branch advised mothers with young children to pray Taraweeh at home, rather than have their children distract other worshipers, according to Al-Madinah newspaper...parents should supervise their children.  If they know that their children will distract other worshipers, they should not let them go to Taraweeh prayers, he said.
Azeeza Al-Saleh, a resident of Madinah, said many children think of the mosque as a playing area.  She suggested that every neighborhood or mosque have a nursery, or that each mosque hires a supervisor for the children.  Waad Al-Saeed, another Madinah resident, said a mother should pray at home if she cannot control her young children.  Young children distract worshipers with their running, Al-Saeed said. She said this is especially true in small neighborhood mosques.

I agree with that and the behavior supervision applies to worship in synagogues as well, for fathers as well as mothers.


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