Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sharing Conversations

Interviewed for the Departures/Arrivals column at the weekend Haaretz , Gili Katz Lorber of Moshav Tzoran; who is flying to the Republic of Georgia, is asked the purpose of her trip and answers

I am going on an eight-day bicycle trip with 18 other women.

the interview continues:

Only women?

Yes, we’re a group of terrain cyclists who have been together more than four years. I am the instructor. We’re called “Women Riders in Nature” − sporteva.co.il [in Hebrew].

No men?

No. Because when you cycle with men it’s a different kind of talk. Our group is also a support group in every sense. We talk about everything; there are very intimate conversations. I don’t think women would share like that in a group that included men.

Sharing conversations with politicians is even more difficult and more dangerous while very much less informative.


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