Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Me and a Minaret 1966-1967

This minaret rises from David's Tomb on Mount Zion

The story complains of a "Jewish takeover" of the Prophet Dawid's tomb.

But I have another story connected with that minaret.

From September 1966 until August 1967 I participated in the program of the Jewish Agency's Youth and Hechalutz for the training of senior Madrichim for the various youth movements, first established in 1946 - the Machon L'Madrichei Chutz LaAretz (see here, too).

I attended lectures of Dr. Israel Eldad at the old Ezry Gallery on the corner of Hess and King David Street and on Saturday nights, after Shabbat, would attend a Melave Malka at King David's Tomb and later, we would ascend the minaret.

From the minaret' top, we could view into Jerusalem's Old City and spot the trees on the Temple Mount.

And we'd shout out into the darkness across the barbed wire dividing the city: "we're returning.  we're coming back!"

And we did.


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