Thursday, August 15, 2013

Playing Numbers Is Not A Game, and Yet...

From the headlines on the Egyptian violence:

24 hours of violent clashes left at least 300 dead and 2000 injured

More than 100 people are reported to have died in the crackdown

At Least 278 People Killed Across Egypt

Hundreds Dead as Upheaval Grips Egypt

Death toll in Egypt violence rises to 327

a crackdown on protesters leaves 327 dead and nearly 3,000 wounded

At least 421 people died when security forces stormed two camps which supporters of ousted leader Mohammed Morsi set up in the city last month.

[Update on figures below]

As EOZ notes:

Last November, Israel and Gaza terror groups fought Pillar of Defense. Israel dropped hundreds of bombs on Gaza and the news coverage was non-stop, as was the vitriol against Israel for supposed wanton killings and disregard for civilian lives.

The one day with the most Arab casualties in Pillar of Defense was November 18. Guess how many were killed by Israel's fearsome war machine on that day?


Either the Egyptian security forces' bullets are far more deadly than Israel's bombs and missiles - or Israel was extraordinarily careful in who they targeted and how.

In fact, in one day, Egypt has killed more Arabs than Israel did since January 2012 - including Pillar of Defense!

Reflect on that when you recall the media fury directed against Israel and the "crimes" charged against Israel.



No one really knows how many pro-Mursi protestors were killed on Wednesday – the government says about 270, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has been saying more than 2,000. My assumption is that both parties are lying.


1.  Supporters of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi torched three churches in central Egypt on Wednesday in reprisal attacks as police dispersed demonstrations in Cairo, reports said.  The assailants threw firebombs at Mar Gergiss church in Sohag, a city with a large community of Coptic Christians who comprise up to 10 percent of Egypt's 84 million people, causing it to burn down, the official MENA news agency said.
2.  Churches across Egypt came under frenzied attack Thursday as the country became convulsed in violent turmoil...Morsi loyalists orchestrated nationwide assaults on Christian targets, wreaking havoc on churches, homes, and Christian-owned businesses throughout the country.

Coptic rights group the Maspero Youth Union (MYU) estimated that as many as 36 churches were "completely" devastated by fire across nine Egyptian governorates, including Minya, Sohag and Assiut — home to large Coptic communities.  The group, alongside media reports, said that many other churches were looted or stormed in ensuing street violence Wednesday.

Egypt's interior ministry told reporters in Cairo Wednesday that at least seven churches were ruined or torched by suspected Islamists.

MYU spokesman Antwan Adel said at least two were confirmed dead — in the cities of Minya and Alexandria — during the anti-Coptic attacks. No independent confirmation of this tally has appeared.

3.    At least 525 were killed Wednesday when the police forcibly cleared protest camps set up by supporters of toppled Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, a health ministry official said Thursday. Some 3717 others were wounded in the crackdown and ensuing clashes across Egypt, according to health ministry spokesman Mohamed Fathallah.  Egypt's interior ministry told reporters Wednesday night that 43 security personnel had lost their lives in the day's clashes.


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