Friday, August 16, 2013

Out of the Kitchen Sink

My wife gave a shout.

I rushed over to the sink where she was getting ready to do the dairy dishes (I do the meat dishes).

She pointed into the sink where we observed something ugly.

I began to make some room so I could squash it but then my wife decided it would be better to perhaps drown it first.  She took my noodles just finished boiling for my lunch and dumped the excess liquid into the sink.

That made my job immeasurably easy.

In fact, the ugly thing wasn't moving any more.

How it got into the sink we haven't the faintest idea.

I place him on the balcony wall and, before proceeding to dissect him, I snapped these pics:

Impressive and fearsome-looking.

A black scorpion, an arthropod.

I now know that

only about 25 out of almost 1500 species are known to have venom capable of killing a human being.

I hope there are none of its relatives crawling around.


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