Friday, August 23, 2013

A Simple Question Regarding "Civilians"

Every week (for how long I know not), a report is issued called

     Protection of Civilians Weekly Report

Here is the latest, from 13 - 19 August 2013.

The word "Israelis" appear but only in the context of actions supposedly done by Jewish citizens of Israel against local Arab residents.

Similar material can be found at this site, at this page.

It is the site of  the OCHA office.

And that office is

"in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) [and] was established in late response to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the West Bank and Gaza caused by military incursions and closures - mobility restrictions imposed on the Palestinian civilians, local and international service providers. OCHA-oPt aims to improve the humanitarian situation by enhancing coordination between agencies to ensure effective distribution of humanitarian assistance. It also enhances coordination and decision making through its dissemination of humanitarian information and analysis of facts.  Their work includes: Inter-Agency Coordination, Humanitarian Information, Advocacy and Policy support, and Area Field Coordination."

There are, it would seem, no or very few Jewish civilians in Judea and Samaria.

That is a bit of an oversight.

I found this here, though:

Confrontations occurred this week between Israelis and Palestinians in the Old City of Jerusalem, when a group of Israelis entered and toured the yards of Al Aqsa Mosque compound. Three Palestinians were arrested after verbal clashes with the Israelis. Earlier in the week, tens of Israelis demonstrated in the Old City, protesting restrictions imposed by the Israeli authorities on non-Muslims to enter the Compound during the holy month of Ramadan.

During the period, Israeli media reported that Palestinians threw Molotov cocktails at an Israeli bus south of Nablus city. No injuries or damages were reported

I found this here:

Owing to its strategic location, Israeli settler groups have in recent years made persistent efforts to take over land and property in Sheikh Jarrah in order to establish new settlements in the area. In another incident on 25 July, Palestinians threw stones at a number of Israeli buses traveling near the Old City of East Jerusalem, injuring four Israelis.

Somehow, I do not think these reports reliably reflect on the reality on the ground.



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