Monday, August 26, 2013

We're Marking Twenty Years of Occupation

No, not here in Yesha, Yehudah v'Shomron, i.e., Judea and Samaria, the heartland of the reconstituted homeland that international law guaranteed the Jewish people, assuring "close settlement" in these areas.

While normative international law terms Israel's administrative control as "belligerent occupation" (I, at this moment, am non-belligerently occupying a chair as I type), that "occupation" is not illegal no matter how many times Israel's opponents write that.

On the other hand, there is an occupation in Azerbaijan’s Fuzuli and Jabrayil regions by Armenia and its army.

Did you know that the region of Fuzuli was occupied by the Armenian military units on August 23, 1993 and 50 villages in west Fuzuli region is still under occupation?

13 settlements and 20 villages of the region were liberated from the Armenian occupation. 12 settlements were newly built and internally displaced persons [refugees in Palestinian talk] settled there. 51 thousand displaced persons settled in 12 newly-built IDP settlements. Thousands of residents of Fuzuli region fought for the liberation of their homeland. 1100 people became martyrs in the battles against the Armenian aggressors and 1450 became invalids.

And did you know that today is also the day of occupation of Azerbaijan’s Jabrayil region by Armenians?

18 years have passed since its occupation.180 people were killed in the battles against the Armenian aggressors, 6 – during the ceasefire. 14 police officers, 60 civilians were killed, 91 were taken hostage or became missing and 177 people became invalids. Six people became National Heroes of Azerbaijan.

Did you know that
Armenians destroyed about 120 historic and architectural monuments, valuable forests, rich mineral and natural resources and exceptional flora and fauna in the region of Jabrayil?  And they also committed arsons in more than 16 000 ha of territory in the region.

I guess there are some "occupations" that no one cares about because they don't know about or don't want to know about or simply don't care about.

After all, Jewish occupiers is such a better narrative.

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