Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Volume of New Series of Jabotinsky's Writings

The first volume in a planned 20-volume series of Ze'ev Jabotinsky's selected writings has appeared.

The contents of the volume, entitled Liberal Nationalism, the first of two volumes on the subject, which is in Hebrew, are as follows:

Translator's Note - Peter Kriksonov
Introduction - Arieh Naor
On the Free Masons, the Jesuits and Clericalists
On Manners in the Clericalist Press
From the Apocrypha
The Blank Page
On Matters of Clericalism
The Wizard of Words and the Humanity's Knight
Ben-Lefet, the Supreme Human
Letter from Naples
Revenge and True Justice
About Criminologists
On Prisoners' Work Details
The Peace League
Emile Zola's Contributions
The Left Foot
Why I Get Angry
On the Essence of Arguing
Old Truths
On Nationalism
A Letter on Autonomy
On Russia's Federation System
A Conversation with GV Plekhanov
An Introduction to Karl Renner's Staat und Nation
On Curiae
Self-Government of a National Minority

It is just over 250 pages with index.

A second one on the same subject is now being edited and the next three are two on Eretz-Yisrael and on on Anti-Semitism.
All articles that previously appeared in other editions have been retranslated as errors were made and in many instances, sections of the original Russian article was left out.



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