Monday, August 19, 2013

A Comment Left at The Guardian

On a story on the Commonwealth War Cemetery in Gaza.


Three other aspects:
(a) in May 2004, a Commonwealth war cemetery in Gaza that contains hundreds of Australian graves had been vandalised by armed Palestinians protesting against the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by coalition forces. A spokeswoman for Veteran's Affairs Minister Dana Vale said none of the 33 graves that were damaged or destroyed in the incident were Australian. The commission said photographs of Iraqi prisoners abused by British and US troops were taped to some of the broken headstones before the graveyard's custodians chased the vandals off.
(b) Gaza also had an ancient synagogue containing a 10X6 foot mosaic of a crowned King David playing his harp and dated appr. 508 C.E. bearing witness to a Jewish population in the city at that time. It was discovered by Egyptian researchers in 1965. The face was gouged out shortly after the discovery. When Israel reentered Gaza after the Six Day War, the remains of the defaced archaeological find were transferred to the Israel Museum and restored.
(c) and that successful British attack in 1917, was the third attack and only succeeded because the Jewish spy ring, NILI, provided the intelligence that allowed the flank attack on Beer Sheba.


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