Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Husband Mourns His Wife

I found this at the end of a biographical note of Mirkado Ovadia Shami who immigrated from Turkey at the age in 1860, lived in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and who was married to Bueno, a woman whose mother was from a prominent Hebron Jewish family:  He died in 1927 and his wife predeceased him by five years:-

It reads:

After the death of his wife, he refused to eat meat out of concern over the kashrut standards of the cooks and for the last give years of his life was vegetarian.  He did not eat meat or drink wine.  He died in Adar 1927 and is buried in Tel Aviv.

The book is entitled חזון יהודה וירושלים by Pinchas Mordechai Grivsky.


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