Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Muslim Mother Dotes on Her Children

From here:

That's correct.

A mother takes her children to the "third most sacred Islamic holy place" and what does she do?

She educates them to enthrall themselves with guns.

Peace, did I hear someone say?

Or pray?


P.S.  This wasn't a holiday event, like Purim.  And since someone compared this to IDF soldiers and the swearing-in ceremony at the Kotel, well, if you think that young children can be compared to 18-year old conscripts, I guess nothing Jews do is moral compared to the Arabs, besides the fact that Muslims have full relgious freedom at their holy sites whereas we Jews do not.


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Anonymous said...

Prayer, peace and guns all have their proper places.

Perhaps this is a proper place, in her mind(set).

Gd help us all.