Wednesday, August 14, 2013

On the "Jewish Horah wedding ritual"

I have blogged previously about Mrs. Cohen, aka Peaches Geldof.

Well, one must keep up with the ... Cohens.

I've learned about the couple who were married in a church that at the celebration afterwards that they danced:

The Jewish Horah wedding ritual, which involves the wedding party lifting the married couple onto chairs and dancing around them [there's pic there]...Cohen told the Mail on Sunday: ‘My parents met on a kibbutz in Israel, I’m very proud to be Jewish and a big part of me being a creative person comes from being Jewish. The eccentricity in Jewish musicians really connects with me.’

‘Peaches is Jewish – her grandmother is Jewish – she only discovered it last year. It makes a lot of sense to me.

Peaches' father, if you are unaware, is Bob Geldof and her mother, Paula Yates.

The grandmother is her paternal grandmother, Amelia "Minnie" Falk.

A Jewish grandmother.

A Jewish grandfather.

A Jewish name.

A kibbutz.

Not quite Jewish.

All very confusing.


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