Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Architecture of Turrets

I snapped this photo while on the way to Jerusalem yesterday from the front window of my neighbor's car:

It was taken at the "T-Junction", the turn-off from Highway 60 to Bet El, looking east towards Deir Dibwan* which is expanding (shhhh! that is not illegal settler construction).

As you can see, the house with the arrow pointing at it has a unique architectural design, something from Scotland or Italy maybe?

A symbol of the "downtrodden, oppressed, poverty-striken Arab population of 'occupied Palestine'"?

Another of those "mansions" my wife uploaded years ago.



Just as an aside, it seems that Deir Dibwan illustrates a demographic condrum.  As noted:

In a census conducted in 1922 by the British Mandate authorities, the village, called Dair Dilwan, had a population of 1,382, all Muslims, while in the 1931 census, the village had...a population of 1688, still all Muslims.  In 1945 the population was 2,080...

That is not much of a population growth.


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