Wednesday, April 06, 2011


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What did you learn online today?

Dear little friend of mine.

What did you learn online today?

Dear little friend of mine.

I learned that the Arabs must be strong.

They are always right and never wrong.

The PA and Hamas are the finest men.

So their people never need to vote again.

I learned that Israel always shoots first.

Their human rights record is the worst.

I learned that Palestine must be free.

From the Jordan to the sea.

I learned that terrorism isn't so bad.

I learned some great times the Palestinia­ns have had.

They killed in Munich and in France.

And I must defend them at every chance.

And that's what I learned online today.

That's what I learned online...
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jj said...

Here's my addition:

I learned that the Jews are a Pariah,
till the coming of the Messiah.
That all Jews in the Promised Land,
are extremists, racists and robber bands.

Saying it ain't so won't convince our enemies,
But it's our friends and fellow Jews that brings me to my knees.
To wait and pray for the J in J Street to be changed,
from self hating Jews with the same name.

Am I dreaming? Am I hopeful? Only time can tell,
but I fear meanwhile, we are living in a self made hell.

For our leaders remove one settlement after another, and give speeches creating an enemy state that preaches racism and to hate your brother.

Shall we protest? Shall we be silent?
No matter what we decide, the Media has decided.

So comes now Pessach, the liberation festival of our Nation,
May we see it in its fullest, speedily soon and bring us into jubilation.

ziontruth said...

And on a different vein:

Marxists and Muslims sitting in a tree,
First comes hate, then comes alliance,
Then comes the United Nations forcing shariah compliance!