Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Better: Stay Alive

I received this notice:

On the 21st April, a meeting regarding the discussions and reflections on the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni was held in Rome amongst different activists. From the gathering, the need to organize a convoy to Gaza through Egypt was decided.   Let’s start this process by sharing those points:

- We want to go to Gaza through Rafah Border Crossing with all in the world that need to say aloud what Vittorio used to say: Stay human!
We want to do it from Egypt because, in the post Mubarak era, that border must be opened to break the siege imposed for too long on the people in Gaza.
- We want to be in Gaza on the 15th May which is the 1 month
anniversary of Vittorio’s death. It will be also Nakba day, when thousands of young Palestinians, as already announced, will go back to the street all over the world to ask for the end of the occupation and also, a new unity and the end of the internal division within the Palestinian authorities.

Hey, guys, it's better to first stay alive.

Your "friends" there in Gaza will kill you.



Morey Altman said...

Israel, I don't see the quote in the link.


YMedad said...

I received an internal memo. the Stay Human line is in the paragraph there entitled: Free Gaza Movement