Sunday, April 24, 2011

What If B'tselem, Amnesty, HRW, Et Al. Were Fair & Objective

If they were fair and objective, then, as a friend of mine suggested, some questions should be asked of them:

What body, institution or person will be investigating this suspected war crime?

The Palestinian Authority has been shown to be totally incapable of investigating itself so, perhaps the ICC is the appropriate venue for a trial.  Moreover, maybe an NGO venue is appropriate or a framework like the Russell Tribunal?

Did the Arabs who murdered Livnat and wounded the others intentionally seek to kill innocent civilians?

Did they have evidence or any reason to think that they were firing their weapons at a legitimate military target rather than civilians?

Was disproportionate forced used?

What is the responsibility of political and military personnel in this?

Does a policy of targeting civilians exist?

What is the responsibility of the states and individuals involved in providing the weapons and training?  Is the United States a body to be investigated?

Should the Oslo Accords be renegotiated in this matter of religious sites?



Challah Hu Akbar said...

Let's not forget this lovely fact provided by Ben Birnbaum: Since 2000, Human Rights Watch has done more reports on #Israel than #Iran, #Syria, and #Libya COMBINED.!/Ben_Birnbaum/status/61955483166191616

Anonymous said...

Israel is running an international occupation. Syria isn't.

ziontruth said...

"Israel is running an international occupation."

Nothing international here. The occupation is of Jewish lands. I agree, though, that this occupation cannot continue and must be ended. For the sake of a just and viable peace, all the Arab settlers currently occupying Jewish lands (meaning Palestine entire) must evacuate in favor of the indigenes of the land, the Jews.

"Syria isn't."

Just a sponsor of international terrorism, nothing to make a song about. And of course it's raaaaacist to think of holding an Arab state to the same standard as Israel or the U.S. or any European state. Being Arab/Muslim means not only never having to say you're sorry, it also means the Marxist agents of sedition in the West are going to cover up for you no matter how low you sink.

Anonymous said...

hmmm. Syria isn't occupying Lebanon? The Alawis aren't occupying Syria?

ziontruth said...

Good point, Anonymous #2, I wish I'd remembered that when I replied to the anti-Zionist POS.

Unknown said...

Can't apply the exact same standards to both Israel and Palestine. Israel is the superpower in the region, with the military means to implement the annihilation of Palestinian rights. Palestine is not. The human rights violations these organizations have reported, therefore, are carried out more frequently and to a higher magnitude by Israel.

YMedad said...


their responsibility is magnitudinally great because consistently they have for the past century rejected not only Zionism but every single diplomatic and political arrangement suggested by the British, the League of Nations (separately Transjordan), the United Nations and Europe and the United States.

They chose violence and terror. They had a choice but refused to go the route of negotiations.