Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where Are Those Papers and Documents?


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Oh, and those Kenyan papers?

Here's what they contained:-

The first series of documents have been released by the High Court in the legal challenge by Kenyans for abuses and torture more than 50 years ago.

The documents give further details of what ministers in London knew about how the colony was attempting to crush the rebellion that paved the way to independence.

The papers - the first of more than 17,000 pages - contain reports of British officers implicated in atrocities including the murder of suspected Mau Mau rebels.

One document sent to a cabinet minister says an officer was involved in burning alive a suspect held at a detention and interrogation camp.

Others detail the shock of a senior police commander sent from London to investigate.

Many of the documents released by the High Court on Monday evening were only recently found at the Foreign Office's own archives after years of investigations by academics.

The papers were brought to the UK when Kenya became independent - but unlike other papers, they were never made public in the National Archives. Until weeks ago, they were in boxes at the Hanslope Park archives near Milton Keynes.

...London sent troops to crush the rebellion, and the Kenyan administration built a series of "screening" or interrogation camps which were designed to break the will of suspects.

Some 150,000 Kenyans were subjected to screening. During the fighting, at least 11,000 rebels were killed - although academics think the true death toll could be more than twice that.

Many suspects taken into the "Pipeline" camps were treated increasingly harshly until they recanted. Others were put on trial in special courts and more than 1,000 were sent to the gallows.

We await future "discoveries".


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Ariadne said...

I believe Richard Crossman had something to say about what Jews were done out of in the Mandate. But the papers he saw were believed to have been destroyed later.