Sunday, April 17, 2011

She's a Mobilized Propagandist

Here are the introductory outlines of a graduate student's paper, see p. 6 here:

The long 19th century (c. 1750-1918) witnessed significant social, economic, and political transformations that altered the hierarchy of relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in Ottoman lands. During this period, Hebron has been characterized as an Ottoman hinterland town with an overwhelmingly Muslim population;
a place untouched by Zionist immigration; head of a politically marginal subdistrict and a regional and an economy that had little involvement with the northern, central, or coastal regions of Palestine or the Mediterranean-based trade with European merchants;
and home to revered religious sites to which all but a few Christian travelers were forbidden access, and of secondary importance to European Christian institutions in “the Holy Land.”

So, among other inanities, "Zionist immigration" means for her only after, what, 1897? But practical Zionism began with the Bilu in 1881. Before that there were the waves of the pupils of the Gaon of Vilna begining in 1809. Waves of immigrating Hassidim beginning in 1777. What of the 1740 messianic fervors. Of the 1666 Shabtai Tzvi false messianic expectations? The early 16th century exiles from Spain?

Does she know any history of the region?

It's all here.

And you'll note the complete fractionalization of a (non-existing) Arab Palestinian social identity in this phrase: "little involvement with the northern, central, or coastal regions of Palestine".  There was no "Palestinian people" or "nation".

And she fails to mention Jewish religious elements or that Jews were residents of the city of Hebron but couldn't ascend past the 7th step of the Cave of the Patriarchs.

This isn't academic research but mobilized propaganda.



Juniper in the Desert said...

Where are the references to sources and footnotes? The primary and secondary sources for this information?
This is NOT an academic paper and if it is accepted as such by any university board they should be SACKED!!

Juniper in the Desert said...

This is his profile:

I wonder if he ever came across Hussein Obama Junior in his time at Harvard Law School??