Friday, April 29, 2011

Poll Isn't Read Right

Going around but not being read right:-

Nearly half of the Israeli public believes the government should recognise a Palestinian state as long as Israel can keep the major settlement blocs, a survey published on Friday showed.

According to a poll published in the top-selling Yediot Aharonot newspaper, 48 percent of respondents were in favour of Israel backing a Palestinian state -- on condition they could keep the five main settlement blocs in the West Bank.

But another 41 percent expressed the exact opposite view -- that in light of a Palestinian plan to seek UN recognition for their state this autumn, Israel should "vehemently oppose" the move, even if it meant a head-on confrontation with the United Nations.

More than half the respondents -- 53 percent -- said they believed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should present a diplomatic initiative to end the conflict, including "significant concessions" when he addresses the US Congress next month. But another 42 percent opposed the idea of a plan including significant concessions, the figures showed.

Ynet polls are always off.

Like this one:

The joint poll of Yedioth Ahronoth and Mina Tzemach revealed that 49% of the Israeli support a compromise over Jerusalem. They support handing Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem, and Arab areas adjacent to it, to the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, the same figure (49%) said that they oppose such an agreement, yet the results showed that even before peace talks in Jerusalem wee launched, half of the public in Israel is willing to accept a compromise on Jerusalem for a peace deal with the Palestinians, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

But look carefully at the poll and the question and responses:-

Q: What should Israel do in wake of most of the world’s intention to recognize a Palestinian state in September?

-  Vehemently oppose this also at the price of directly confronting the UN: 41%

-  Also recognize a Palestinian state, while keeping the settlement blocs: 48%

In other words, the 48% conditions a "Palestinian state" on the presence of Jews therein.  And, as we know, the Pals. will not accept Jews in "Palestine" so the whole thing is not only hypothetical but is a non-starter.  The poll is unrealistic.


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