Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Middle East and the Royal Wedding

This is unbelievable (and it is the News of the World) but also ABC:-

Wills and Kate will have a week in Jordan

WILLS and Kate will spend a very private honeymoon in the kingdom of Jordan - at a luxury villa owned by the Middle East country's king. The villa, part of King Abdullah II's lavish personal summer palace, is in Red Sea resort Aqaba. It is surrounded by miles of private beach and protected by the monarch's elite military guard.

A source close to the Jordanian Royal Family told us: "The King has known the British Royal Family all his life and knew he could offer the newlyweds privacy unlike anywhere else in the world. It is completely isolated and hidden from prying eyes. After sharing their wedding with billions of others it will suit William and Kate perfectly.

"The King has made his summer palace impregnable. His father King Hussein suffered 37 assassination attempts on his life and over the years the Aqaba palace has been turned into a fortress."

Recent unrest across the Middle East, including Jordan, has forced royal officials to line up other possible honeymoon locations but Aqaba is top of Wills and Kate's list. Towers manned around the clock by armed guards and palm trees line miles of beach where Wills and Kate will be able to sunbathe unseen and enjoy water-skiing and tennis. The warm, clear waters of the Red Sea will be perfect for Kate, who lived in Jordan for part of her childhood. She was spotted buying bikinis in London this week.

A helicopter pad on the villa's roof will allow the newlyweds to travel to visit some of the wonders Jordan offers tourists, including Petra, the city carved into a mountain in 1200BC.

This is ridiculous. Yes, we know of that "Jordan Is Beautiful" Campaign.

First of all, Eilat is so much a better place.

Second, Jordan is a non-democratic country. Yes, it's a monarchy like Great Britain and yes, the royal family men go to Sandhurst but still, this is not the example to set.

Third, it is dangerous out there:

Jordan unrest: Salafist clash wounds dozens in Zarqa

Dozens of people have been injured as ultra-conservative Salafist Muslims clashed with pro-government supporters in Jordan's northern city of Zarqa.

The police used tear gas to disperse the crowds, a police spokesman said. Six officers were stabbed and 34 others injured in the clashes, he added.

Meanwhile, up to 1,000 people protested in the capital Amman, calling for political and economic reform.

We know Jordan was created out of nothing by England but that debt was finished long ago.

Oh, and watch out for trouble with your credit cards.


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