Friday, April 29, 2011

Crooke Get Creaky

Does this make sense to you?

From "The flawed premises: Two decades failed of state-making in Israel/Palestine":

many in Israel...have promoted the concept of a Palestinian state within provisional borders. But can this exclusionary inclusion really succeed? On the one hand, this techno-spatial political system, in spite of its claim to philosophical legitimacy, is at root no more than an evolution of the paradigm associated with a key Zionist strategist, Vladimir Jabotinsky: A different way to make Palestinians "disappear."

That was Alistair Crooke.

Well, good that he notes that Jabotinsky was a "key strategist" of Zionism but he premise is flawed. Jabo did not act to make the Arabs of the Palestine Mandate "disappear". They just did not merit a state in the Jewish national homeland.


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Anonymous said...

Crooke worked for the Brit Consulate in Jerusalem but left after Israel requested it, because he spent all his time talking to terrorists