Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is There An Oversight Apparatus for That Money?


The World Bank said on Thursday it would provide $10-million in aid to needy Palestinian families as a new unity deal between Fatah and Hamas raised questions about continued Western assistance.  The international body said the funds would go to 5500 families in the occupied West Bank and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, following a similar program in 2009 and 2010 that provided direct aid to some 25,000 families.

The announcement came as two key US lawmakers warned Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas that he risked losing aid from Washington by shunning peace talks with Israel and dealing with the Islamist Hamas movement.  In a letter to Abbas, Republican Representative Kay Granger and Democratic Representative Nita Lowey also expressed "serious concerns" about his efforts to seek UN recognition of an independent Palestinian state.

Is that money going to assist families of terrorists?  Persons who perhaps assisted terrorists, or provided succor to terrorists?

Who willl check?  The new Hamas-Fatah administration?


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prasad said...

Both sides (Israel and Palestinian) countries should have peace talks then this issue will be solved otherwise this issue will continue for a long time and neighbouring countries will suffer along with these countries and also this conflict will be one of the reason for world war so we have to solve this problem immediately United Nations should negotiate with these countries.