Friday, April 22, 2011

The Temple Institute Conference

Yesterday was the turn of the less-than-ethusiatics which means Rav Aviner's efforts to thwart ascent to the Temple Mount and today, the Temple Institute conducting their festival conference.

Well attended, about double the Aviner conclave, and here are some pictures:

a)  the auditorium:

b) Rav Yosef Elbaum, a Belzer Chassid who leads the Movement for the Establishment of the Temple:

c)  more of the audience

d)  and more of the audience

e)  Yehuda Etzion explaining his program for redesigning the city of Jerusalem

f)  the recipe for the Shewbread (see #6 here) presented by Professor Zohar Amar (yes, baking bread):



aparatchik said...

Even if rebuilding the temple is not viable at the moment, why can't Jewish services be conducted on the temple mount using temporary facilities?

YMedad said...

If by "services" you mean simple prayer services, the gov't of Israell does not permit prayer in the compouind. If yuou mean actuall Temple sacrifices, (a) no altar; (b) nop walls; (c) we are in a state of impurity. Only the Paschal Sacrifice could possibly be practiced at the momentr - but then we have to deal with the [previous point of refusal of any other religious service there but Muslim.

Suzanne Pomeranz said...

Call me "radical" but I think that any "rabbi" who says Jews should NOT ascend the Temple Mount has no right to call himself a "rabbi" at all...

It's time to stop all the nonsense and get up there as often as possible and in great numbers - our very presence will change the damned "status quo"!