Thursday, April 14, 2011

And Where Was I Today?

Zipping over the Ain Sajama wadi at the Gush Etzion Forest at Eretz Ayalim:

The largest zip line in Israel- 400 meters long, 120 meters high over the "paradise valley" transmitting the gilders from mountain to mountain. The gliders return to the farm in an adventurous jeep ride.

Here's Ziv Rubinovitz's clip taken on the zip:

Here's a map and the area of the zip-line outlined in red:

Some pics:

a) view south-east from Herodian - Nokdim there

b) subterranean Herodian - the Bar Kochba tunnels worked into the cistern system

c-d)  up on the lines at Eretz Ayalim - challenger sport

e)  Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron -

f) a snap of me by Liron Ben-Moshe going off on the zip:



Unknown said...

this is the coolest ever!

Unknown said...

Sindy said she is sooo proud! and Nanny would kill you

YMedad said...


judyinjerusalem said...

Cool!! Thanks for sharing the experience, Winkie--now I don't have to go myself!!

Why is the Shin Bet trying to frame Pearlman? Pe said...

I want to do this, I want to have this adventure, how do I register?


Steven Plaut said...

Heu Tarz, where was Jane?

Cheetah would have been in the Knesset!