Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Even If It's True?


Head of the Labor faction Eitan Cabel on Wednesday said that MK Isaac "Buji" Herzog will be disqualified from running for the leadership of the Labor Party after comments he made about MK Amir Peretz in WikiLeaks documents released to Haaretz.

In a meeting with a US diplomat, Herzog called then-Labor party head Peretz an "inexperienced and aggressive Moroccan," according to the WikiLeaks cable released on Wednesday, Israeli media reported.

So, when a politician tells the truth, he gets punished?


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ziontruth said...

"Inexperienced and aggressive" might be within the bounds of truth, but that "Moroccan" bit adds nothing but gratuitous hatred.

I wish this hatred would be spared for the ones who really deserve it. The Arab enemy, for example.