Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rabbi Ascherman, Itamar Is Calling

I wonder, does Rabbi Arik Ascherman have anything to say?

About this:-

Hakim Awad, 18, was permitted to enter Itamar along with other PA Arabs in order to harvest olives.

The IDF Civil Administration allowed PA Arabs from the nearby village of Awarta to harvest olives within Itamar that they claimed belonged to their village, despite concerns voiced by Itamar residents, who expressed fear that some PA Arabs could use the opportunity to learn the layout of the town in order to plan an attack...Civil Administration officials insisted that Awarta residents not only be given possession of the olives in question, but be allowed to harvest the produce themselves.

Residents reported Sunday that one of the PA “farmers” had been caught red-handed as he took pictures of IDF positions in Itamar during the harvest. The man was detained for questioning, but released on the orders of the Civil Administration.

The security guard's report may explain a comment a Shin Bet official made regarding the murders. The Shin Bet man said the killers had not spied on the town prior to the murders, because they were already familiar with its layout.

The IDF and the Civil Administration face pressure each year from the PA and the foreign and Israeli left to allow Arabs to harvest olives freely, regardless of security concerns. Many far-left groups, among them the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and Rabbis for Human Rights, hold annual “olive harvest” events aimed at forcing Israel to allow PA Arabs to enter Israeli land during the harvest.

Does Arik know who he assists? People like these:-

The father of one of the murderers of the Fogel family at Itamar had served in jail for terror, and an uncle involved in the 2002 terror attack on same community.

Two teenagers were arrested for the massacre of five members of the Fogel family. The father of high school student murderer Hakim Mazen Awad was active in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist organization and previously had been jailed in Israel.

Awad and Amjad Awad carried out the brutal murders at Itamar, the same community where Hakim Awad’s uncle was involved with the 2002 terrorist attack that killed five people. He was killed the following year in a clash with IDF forces.

Seems the Israeli 'peace camp' is a loser to the PA incitement campaign that raises murderers through school programs, media programs, summer camp program and produces programmed murderers who kill infants with knives.



Details on Murderers of Five Members of the Fogel Family
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Office)

Following the 11.3.11 murders of five members of the Fogel family in the Samarian community of Itamar, the ISA, the IDF and the Israel Police began a joint operation to apprehend the murderers. During the operation, dozens of suspects from Awarta – approximately 2 kilometers southwest of Itamar – were detained for questioning. The investigation and intelligence efforts led to the arrest of two young men, residents of Awarta, who confessed to planning and perpetrating the murders, and reconstructed them:

Hakim Maazan Niyad Awad, born in 1993, a minor under Israeli law, was arrested on 5.4.11. A high school student, he is affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). He was involved in the October 2010 stabbing of youths from Awarta; the motive was a personal dispute.

Awad's father, Maazan, is a PFLP terrorist who, in the late 1990's, served approximately five years in a Palestinian Authority prison in connection with the murder of his niece and the burning of her body.

Awad's uncle, Jibril Awad, was a PFLP terrorist who was killed in a December 2003 clash with IDF soldiers. He had been involved in the 20.6.02 terrorist attack in Itamar, in which Rachel Shabo (40) and three of her children (Avishai – 5, Zvika – 13 and Neria – 16), and their neighbor Yosef Twito (31), were murdered.

Amjad Muhammad Fawzi Awad, born in 1992, was arrested on 10.4.11. A student, he is affiliated with the PFLP. He had previously worked as a laborer in Israel.

Hakim and Amjad planned to perpetrate a terrorist attack in Itamar several days before March 11. To this end, they tried to acquire a firearm. They turned to Muhammad Said Awad (now under arrest), a PFLP militant in Awarta, and asked that he procure weapons for them; he did not do so.

On March 11, Hakim and Amjad set out for Itamar, armed with knives and tools to cut the perimeter fence and cover their tracks. They crossed from Awarta to Itamar and climbed/jumped over the fence. Once inside Itamar, they proceeded to approach the first row of houses. They broke into a home adjacent to the Fogel residence but found nobody inside. They stole an M-16, clips and a flak jacket. They exited the home and thereupon burst into the Fogel residence. Having spotted children while still outside, they murdered 11-year-old Yoav and 4-year-old Elad. The assailants thereupon entered the bedroom where the parents, Ruth and Udi, were sleeping with 3-month-old Hadas and murdered all three, following a struggle. Before leaving the house, the murderers stole another M-16.

The murderers returned to Awarta on foot and went to the home of Hakim's uncle, PFLP militant Salah E-Sin Awad, and informed him of what they had done. Salah helped them hide the stolen weapons and knives, burn their bloody clothes. During the investigation, it arose that various members of their families were extensively involved in helping them and were fully aware of what they had done.

After March 11, the murderers returned to their daily routines. Salah gave the stolen weapons to Jihad Abid, a resident of Ramallah, who hid them in his home. The latter was arrested on 14.4.11; the weapons were recovered.

Arrested as accomplices were:

* Salah Aladin Salim Awad – born in 1979, a PFLP militant, Hakim's uncle;

* Hassan Salim Awad – born in 1972, a PFLP militant, Hakim's uncle;

* Maazan Niyaz Awad – born in 1967, a PFLP militant, Hakim's father;

* Jihad Abid – born in 1979, friend of Salah Awad, who hid the stolen weapons for Salah; and

* Muhammad Said Awad – born in 1984, a PFLP militant, whom Hakim and Amjad asked to provide them with a weapon.

The investigation is ongoing.



Daniel said...

Reform clergy have less Torah training than high school aged Yeshiva bucherim, so please don't diminish the term by referring to that whore as "rabbi"

Anonymous said...

Israel killed them . The murders coincided with pressure on Bibi to start evacuating settlements. how convenient that 5 settlers were murdered shortly after.

"Many far-left groups, among them the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and Rabbis for Human Rights, hold annual “olive harvest” events aimed at forcing Israel to allow PA Arabs to enter Israeli land during the harvest."

The land isn't Israeli. It's Palestinian. The settlers don't belong in Palestine .

YMedad said...

So brave are those who hide behind "Anonymous". Anyway, Arabs most usually kill Arabs. In 1936-39, the Mufti killed more Arabs than Jews and more Arabs than the Jews managed in defense. For hundreds of years, Arabs in the Land of Israel having be killing other Arabs (Qais vs. Yamani see: or engaged in honor killings of defenseless women like this teenager's uncle or by mistake at weddings when they shoot off guns. And they love to kill Jews.

There are no "sttlers". There are on the one hand Jews who have returned by law to their ancestral homeland which they always came back to over the centuries and which Arabs conquered in 638 and then illegally occupied.

Anonymous said...

"Ancestral homeland" -yours is in Poland, my friend. Your ancestors suffered under the Cossacks and you look in the mirror now and see a Cossack.

prasad said...

Palestinians will never give up terrorism through this they do not want peace in that region that's why they always attempting like this.

Anonymous said...

I love it when the Hindu fundis join in. Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan. Azadi.

ziontruth said...

"The settlers don't belong in Palestine."

Agreed. Arab settlers don't belong in Palestine. Only the indigenous Palestinians, the Jews, belong in Palestine.

" 'Ancestral homeland' -yours is in Poland, my friend."

No, my friend, a Jew's ancestral homeland is Palestine, no matter where he happens to have been born. Poland or anywhere outside Palestine is just a temporary abode. Palestine is no one's ancestral homeland but the Jews'--Arab settlers cannot be considered Palestinians, any more than the tenth generation of dogs born in a stable could be horses.

"I love it when the Hindu fundis join in."

As the victims of a Muslim-perpetrated genocide (at least 90 millions Hindus murdered by Mahmoud of Ghanzi's soldiers), they should know what they're talking about.

"Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan."

Nope. Kashmir and all of Muslim-occupied Western India, a.k.a. Pakistan, is stolen territory that belongs to India. Muslims don't deserve to have a single state in the world; every state you give them, they use as a base for the worldwide jihad. As from India, so from Palestine, they need to be expelled, all of them.