Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Temple Mount Public Service Announcement


Temple Mount Prayer Notes: Connecting to the Heart!

Welcome to Temple Mount Prayer Notes, the only known free service in the world that allows your prayer notes to reach the holiest place on earth, the Temple Mount.

The prayer note carriers – observant Jews - ascend the Mount in strict accordance with Torah law. Prior to the ascent they prepare for and immerse in a kosher mikveh to remove spiritual impurities. While on the Mount they wear non-leather shoes and refrain from treading on the site of the Temple.

The prayer notes are then carried in a circle outside the periphery of the site of the Temple along with recitation of appropriate prayers. Due to the police enforced no-Jewish prayer policy the notes are brought up to the Mount discreetly and the prayers recited silently.

Since it is not possible at this time to bury the notes on the Mount, all notes are inserted into the Western Wall after the encirclement on the Temple Mount is completed.

It is of vital importance to help the Jewish People world over connect and to have at least this limited type access to the Temple Mount. All people from all nations are invited to submit their prayers as well, as it is written “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations. (Isaiah 56)”.

May the Almighty accept all our prayers in Mercy,

The TMPN Team

And here is a video of groups of Hareidim visiting the Temple Mount during the Pesach holiday.

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