Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Deir Yassin Visuals

To understand the issue of Deir Yassin, you should view these:

a)  Davar newspaper, the Histadruth organ (that is, the socialist Left), Sunday, April 4, 1948

b) and its report on the sniping directed from Deir Yassin to the Jewish neighborhoods of Bet Hakerem and Bayit V'Gan:

c)  a map from the 1940s

e)  deir Yassin today in the neighborhood of Har Nof, marked in black:

f) a map purported to be from Irgun archives (unconfirmed)-

Read here.

Watch this clip.

More resource:  here; here; here; the ZOA tract.


Anonymous said...

Deir Yassin

The Jewish mass murder that faciliated ethnic cleansing for Jewish Lebensraum.

The settlers are the heirs of the murderers of Deir Yassin.

Anonymous said...

So who are the heirs of the hebron massacre, the Hadassah Convoy massacre, the Kfar Etzion Massacre?

Anonymous said...

The Brits told you that settling in Palestine would be a disaster for the Jewish people and you wouldn't listen. And where is Moshiach ?

ziontruth said...


The political movement that wishes to finish what Hitler started.

The anti-Zionists are the heirs of the Nazis.

Worst are Jews who give aid to anti-Zionism--they are the greatest disaster for the Jewish people. Beware the day Mashiach comes, for that day will see the end of anti-Zionism.