Monday, October 22, 2012

Where'd the Shiloh Bloc Go?

This is the UN map at it's OCHA site:

The map is entitled:

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

OPT, you know, is their abbreviation for something called the Occupied Palestinian Territory.  Not "Palestine Territory", as if of a country (that never existed) but the land of a people called Palestinian (which did not exist and we can argue whether they do) and thus, that semantic sleight-of-word permits a people to claim that even Israel of pre-1967 is their's but the Jews, who actually possess the best claim to all the land between the river and the sea, historically, culturally and also legally through the League of Nations decision of 1922, are relegated to a secondary level at best but usually as occupiers, colonialists and (pick your own pejorative adjective).

But the Shiloh Bloc area is...empty.

It would be about south-east of Salfit, here, approximately:

Let's improve on that, from here:

What's with the OCHA?  I guess we're so far into Area C via B and skirting A that we are nowhere near a security barrier.  And as their info sheet seems only to relate to access through "security barriers", well, they can skip us.


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