Sunday, October 21, 2012

Looking for Wine, Europe?

I read that

Vintners in Europe said they are bracing for the worst harvest in half a century. Drought, hail and cold weather have hit the region hard, with France and Italy being especially impacted by bad weather. According to AP, the European wine harvest typically accounts for over 60 percent of the world’s wine production.
Well, Judea and Samaria award-winning wines can be at your table.

Like here and also here.  Another trip story.  (Heard of the Buycott?)

Shiloh Winery.

Psagot Winery.

Tura Winery.

Tanya Winery.

Har Bracha Winery.


And there are Hebron wines, and also Golan.  And Gush Etzion.

And the Yatir site is impressive and the wine excellent.


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aparatchik said...

Hey! What about the Golan?! Don't boycott the settlements!