Sunday, October 28, 2012

El-Aqsa as a Billboard


Such holy site respect.

What the sign reads is
 " غدا سنطهر الأقصى ونعلي لواء الحق يسطع كالشهاب ."
Google Translate will give me only this:
"Tomorrow Far سنطهر and bathrobe the right shines Kalshhab Brigade."
I am at a linguistic loss.



aparatchik said...

Horses, eagles, flags, a clenched fist...doesn't look particularly friendly

Bill said...

"far" is just the name of the mosque, al-Aqsa. The full name in Arabic is al-masjid al-aqsa = "the farthest mosque". And "bathrobe" also means "uphold". Unfortunately I don't know what the mystery word is.