Monday, October 15, 2012

Open Zion's S. Samuel Supports Opening Your Blouse

A female opening her blouse, in public.

I quote her:

...if Hashkes acted provocatively by taking her shirt off in public, she did so to challenge the disturbing, traction-gaining notion that a woman’s existence in public space—the bare fact of her bodily presence—is itself provocative. So, Sarit Hashkes, allow me to add my plaudit to those already offered you by your 3,300-plus supporters. Brava, and—if I may be so bold—encore.

I left this comment there:

I'm sorry, or better, disappointed in myself, that I cannot comprehend the support Ms. Hashkes has received here for purposefully breaking up an event of exultation during the holiday of Sukkot by exposing herself in her lingerie, thus proving to the Chabadniks (not your normal fanatic religious extremist Ultra-Orthodox - did I leave out an adjective?) that secular women are basically immoral sluts.

Oh, the "S." in S. Samuel?

It stands for Sigal, a female name.



Brian said...

She did not prove anything to the Chabadniks. They have their views, and they may be reinforced by her actions in their twisted misguided view, but what she did is hers and what they interpret from it is theirs. Attacing women for showing their body is something I thought only extreme muslims did todays, but your reaction proves what I've long suspected, orthodox jews and orthodox arabs are very close of kin.

YMedad said...

There is a difference between walking down the street in short-shorts, short sleeves or generous decolletage and approaching a group of Hasidic people, not liking their activity and then taking off one's blouse to protest. If you can't grasp that, you are kin to less-than-public-moral behavior and respect for the other.

Brian said...

I can grasp that she must have been protesting something, why else bare her breasts, something usually reserved for a very loved one.
But you do not even pause to think about that, you just think; breasts, ankedness, horror, she must be against me!

YMedad said...

a. let's get the facts straight - you did read my post, did you not? - she was not in any way naked.

b. i have nothing personal against a woman's anatomy, in the proper time and proper place - on the beach, on the movie screen, etc.

c. she is not against me; she was disrespectful, uncouth and inconsiderate.

d. and since the Open Zion blogger identified with her actions and urged her on, I think that position is plain stupid and illiberal.