Friday, October 19, 2012

The Backward Forward

Found at The Forward's web site:

Israel Approves More Settlements Near Jerusalem

By Reuters

Published October 18, 2012.

Jerusalem — Israel on Thursday issued a detailed plan for the building of some 800 new homes on annexed land in the West Bank that is certain to attract further international condemnation of its settlement policies.



(a) those are houses being built, not "settlements";

(b) if you insist on the term "settlement", it's still but one "settlement" as even Ma'an notes;

(c)  but it isn't a "settlement", it's a neighborhood;

(d)  why isn't The Forward borrowing from Haaretz or the Jerusalem Post but from Reuters, a biased news agency? and background could have helped.

(e) and an independent voice (from the same Reuters correspondent) a year ago.


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