Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Left-wing Fascist Anti-Peace Activists at Work

My wife, who works at the Yafiz clothing store at Rami Levy, missed the action:

Palestinians beaten, arrested during protest at settlement supermarket
Approximately 100 Palestinians and a handful of international activists entered the Rami Levy supermarket in the West Bank settlement of Sha’ar Binyamin Wednesday morning to ‘protest occupation and settler terror’ and to call for the boycott of ‘the occupation and its products.’ Two Palestinians and two internationals were beaten and arrested...unarmed. Carrying flags and signs, they entered the supermarket, chanting for freedom.
...Activist Abir Kopty, who was at the scene, reported that “as activists exited the building, about forty policemen and soldiers were waiting outside, they attacked physically the demonstrators and fired stun grenades at them, causing several injuries, two of which were taken by ambulance to the hospital.”
Bassem Tamimi, head of Nabi Saleh’s Popular Committee, was among the injured. He reportedly suffered broken ribs as a result of being beaten by Israeli forces as he was arrested.
This protest emphasizes, according to Kopty, that “as long as there is no justice to Palestinians, Israeli and settler daily life can’t continue on as normal.”

More details:

Palestinians crowded between the check out counters and the aisles, next to which, hung packages of balloons and red licorice.
“Out, out settlers,” they chanted.
“Five, six, seven, eight, Israel is a fascist state,” they continued.
They also held signs that said, “boycott the occupation and its products.”
The event was pre-planned by the Palestinian non-governmental group, the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee which last week briefly blocked the West Bank Road 443, which is mostly used by Israeli traffic and is a main artery to Jerusalem.
Ari Briggs and Meir Deutsch walked out to the parking lot and argued with the protestors.
Briggs was particularly incensed when some of the foreign activists yelled out at him, “Nazi.”
“You are calling me a Nazi?” he asked startled. “You are from Europe. My grandfather was killed by Nazis, my father was saved from Nazis by a Christian and I am a Jew standing in our homeland. Don’t call me a Nazi, How can you call anyone a Nazi,” he said.
“You are acting like Nazis,” responded the activist...
Kopty told The Jerusalem Post, “You can not have co-existence while there is occupation.”
The chains benefit from the settlement and the occupation, and Palestinians should boycott them, she said.

Not only local Arabs but Jordnians come specially over the bridges to buy there ar Yafiz, the Rami Levy clothes outlet.  This is how you build coexistence and then confidence in one another and the intentions and from there, peace. Peace is between peoples. But the "handful" of internationalists are anti-peace.  What a shame.

Oh, and those checkpoints and roadblocks that harrass?

A 19-year-old Palestinian man caught with eight pipe bombs at the Kalandiya checkpoint was trying to get to Jerusalem, the IDF said Tuesday.  The man, believed to be from Nablus, got off a Palestinian bus carrying a large backpack, and tried to sneak past security checks for pedestrians at the checkpoint, which separates greater Jerusalem from the West Bank.

Their video clip.


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