Monday, October 15, 2012

$11 Million for Shiloh Road

You'll recall the claims of apartheid roads out here in Yesha, that aren't.

Well, don't get mixed up about this story:

$11-Million Shiloh Road Contract

...Upgrades intended to cut down on the number of rear end collisions on the 4.5-mile stretch of Shiloh Road from Wade Green Road to just before Canton Road are coming.  The Cobb County Board of Commissioners awarded the contract for the $11-million project to C. W. Matthews Contracting Company during its Oct. 9 Board of Commissioners meeting...

That's in Marietta, Georgia.

In the United States of America.



Bryan Ricks, a county engineer and project manager, said traffic reports show rear end accidents have been a problem along the two lane stretch of road.

“There’s driveways right off of Shiloh but you also have a lot of subdivisions, and those people that stop to turn into a subdivision to make a left turn …. they wait and wait, and some people obviously ram into the back of the cars,” he said.

The project will also install a sidewalk along the southern part of the road, he said.


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