Friday, October 26, 2012

Cleaning Up The Rami Levy Mess

You'll all remember the invasion and disruption of the Rami Levy Supermarket at Sha'ar Binyamin (where my wife works).

I've just now been informed this by the "International Solidarity Movement, West Bank" 

Israeli authorities are threatening to deport two international acvists [sic], arrested yesterday at a non-violent action at a settlement supermarket,  despite a judge ruling that they should be released. They are currently being held in immigration detention.  Earlier today, defence lawyers were informed that a judge had ruled that they should be freed without charge, but this ruling was ignored by Israeli  police, who handed the two activists to the Ministry of Interior, to begin  the deportation process. They could be flown back to their home countries  within hours, despite never having been charged, let alone convicted of any  crime. They have also been repeatedly denied contact with their lawyer.

...Freedom for international activists can also be key in legal processes for  Palestinians who are arrested at the same time... 

In Solidarity, International Solidarity Movement


Their video clip.

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Perry Zamek said...

Entry status and permission for visitors to remain in the country (any country) is generally under separate authority from the police, and in some countries is not subject to the regular courts, and can be revoked for any reason (thus leading to deportation), even in the absence of criminal charges or conviction.