Monday, October 22, 2012

How Many Jews Across-the-Green-Line in Jerusalem?

From this 2011 report on Jerusalem:

At the end of 2009....Of the Jewish population, 193,700 lived in areas added to the city in 1967, representing 42% of the total number of residents of those areas and 39% of the total Jewish population of the city. Population figures for the larger Jewish neighborhoods constructed after 1967 were as follows: 40,400 in Ramot Alon; 39,800 in Pisgat Ze’ev; 29,000 in Gilo; 18,600 in Neve Ya’acov; 14,200 in Ramat Shlomo (Rekhes Shu’afat); and 13,700 in East Talpiot.

I checked more recent date from here, the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies Statistical yearbook 2012 edition with figures from end of 2010 (two years ago):

Neve Yaakov                  19,700
Pisgat Ze'ev                   40,400
Ramat Shlomo                14,560
Ramot Allon                   41,400
Ramot Eshkol,
Givat Mivtar, Sanhedria   15,600
Givat Shapira                  8,600
East Talpiyot                 14,000
Har Homa                      40,000
Gilo                              29,535
Jewish Quarter                3,100

which all adds up to 227,000 more or less (I didn't count Jews living in the Muslim Quarter).

That's an increase of 33,300.

But there are almost two more years of growth to include.

"Almost a quarter of a million Jews in across-the-Green-Line Jerusalem" sound okay?

Anybody want to check my calculations?


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