Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Carter's Death Throes

No, not his death throes although, probably like me, you also thought that in reading my headline.

No, it's from a NYTimes headline of a story by Jodi Rudoren:

In Israel, Carter Says Two-State Solution in 'Death Throes'
Former President Jimmy Carter said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel had abandoned the two-state solution and that President Obama had shirked the historical role played by the United States in the region.

The really funny, alright, weird, thing is that his groups of traveling interventionists call themselves the "Elders".   They are

an independent group of global leaders who work together for peace and human rights

"Independent" financially-wise, perhaps, but not ideologically or politically.

Ever since 1922, the Arabs have never accepted, recognized or even negotiated over a two-state solution.  They will not agree to Jewish national rights.

Mr. Carter, if anything is dead, it's your thinking processes.

After all, if this is what you do
consulting in between with like-minded Palestinian and Israeli intellectuals
and therefore, with no critical discussion and challenges to your paradigms, how can you achieve anything?

But let's recall that he supports a Jewish presence in Jewish communities in Yesha:-

Carter said that the settlement bloc would remain under Israeli control. "This particular settlement area is not one that I can envision ever being abandoned or changed over into Palestinian territory. This is part of settlements close to the 1967 (border) line that I think will be here for ever," he said...

That was in the garden of Shaul Goldstein's house.


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Perry Zamek said...

Assumedly, not the "Elders of Zion."