Sunday, October 21, 2012

But Doesn't Ricky Speak Hebrew?

I caught this:

Ricky is the executive producer of Newshound's Middle East desk. With extensive experience in print and online journalism as an editor, writer, and blogger, she now revels in the challenges of producing for international news networks. She is an avid social media user and you can usually find her scouring Facebook and Twitter for unusual story ideas and unique commentators. She has an MA from King's College London and wrote her dissertation on the role of citizen activism and NGOs in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A Montreal native with a passion for Mideast politics and culture, she is fluent in English, French and will one day be fluent in Arabic, inshallah.

That's about Ricky Bendavid.

Formerly of the Jerusalem Post.  An Opinion Page editor and my first blogger editor there.

Odd that Hebrew is missing.

Unless one reviews where that bio appears.  It's at Newshound

Newshound is a dynamic group of young professionals who are passionate about news and storytelling. Based in the Middle East, we report on what's happening in this part of the world and across the globe. Journalism, at its heart, is story telling and we're committed to being those storytellers. We're always touched that people share with us their personal tragedies and experiences and we take seriously our responsibility to tell those stories as accurately and honestly as we can.

Do they?

I saw this clip of the founder and CEO of Newshound, Paula Slier and it is quite biased and dishonest and a piece of unethical media journalism:

I guess a job is a job.


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