Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Did You Know This About Mormonism?

Did you know this about Mormonism?

...The Book of Mormon clearly states that Nephi built a temple modeled upon the temple of Solomon upon arriving in the Americas (2 Nephi 5:16).  In addition, the Book of Mormon says that other temples were built in the Americas (see 3 Nephi 11:1 and Helaman 3:14)...the Israelites in the Americas were trying to faithfully follow the law of Moses...

From a commentary:

Ne 5:16 I, Nephi, did build a temple
This temple was fashioned, as Nephi says, after the temple of Solomon. It is fair to conclude that they practiced the same forms of animal sacrifice that were performed in the temple in Jerusalem. The only difference between the administration of the temple of Solomon and Nephi’s temple is that the Nephites were not of the tribe of Levi, and therefore the priesthood they held was the Melchizedek priesthood (2 Ne 6:2). As Melchizedek priesthood holders, they could administer all the temple ordinances which were done according to the Levitical order.

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Alan said...

That Israelites reached the New World in the days of Shlomo ha-Melekh is plausible. There are fragmentary bits of artefacts that get dug up in North America, that suggest such. Shlomo was BFF with the "Phoenicians" (quoted because that's NOT what they called themselves)who really really really did get around. Note: The invasion of the Northern Kingdom by the Assyrians did not happen in one day. Everyone there saw it coming. Possibly a million or two people departed before the final fall of the Northern Capital. After all, plenty of German Jews did get out of Europe in time, when the saw the handwriting on the wall in the 1930's. There's nothing new under the sun.

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. Melchizedek has always been a mystery to me. I believe Abraham gave him a tithe after defeating an enemy. Its hard to find anyone that can explain Melchizedek's origins. I do know that Mormons take their religion very seriously. Its based more on the law rather that grace. Beck is beginning to get a handle on how Christians think, now that he has taken on the task of attempting to save Israel from "you know who". The Mormons have as much at stake as Israel, along with the FACT they made an oath with God, from the inception of Mormanism, to protect Israel at that time when they were under an existential threat. They don't take that oath lightly, the mitigation of judgement for the souls of those who have died in Mormonism are at stake... and those living also. Since they basically refuse to accept the amnesty offered by what Christians call their savior they will be judged on their rightous acts. The highest in the ranks of Mormonism know this. This is the battle of the Titans... Mormons vs. the muslims. I'm freaking out! I felt comfortable about this election until the storm. Our president is now feverously passing out compassionate federal kool..aid after he and hillary blew it at Bengazi. They had envisioned blasphemy laws being passed along with hate crime legislation that would enable Islam to kill or imprison any one who offended Islam. They are desperate now and on the run. It seems they created the crisis by allowing 4 people to be murdered so as to set the stage for the passing of hybrid hate crime legislation interwoven with blasphemy laws. Israel you do know that in the fine print of those laws your citizens will be inferred to be guilty IF THEY ARE FOUND BREATHING!! Our congress is on to them!!! They are breathing down their necks!! BS and ilk are so desperate they are using the GOAT to campaign for him. I would like to know how large a contribution the sheiks had to make to his library for him to sell Israel out. I would bet it was for more than than 30 peices of silver. More like 30 million. One thing you can absolutely be sure of is, if he is re-elected his main objective will be that of Iran's. America's fate will be that of Jamestowns, their are consequences for drinking the koolade. We have a James Jones in charge of America who has ONE objective on his agenda. THE TOTAL ANNHILATION OF ISRAEL, then the killing of all Jews worldwide by Islam. James Jones is the leader of the pack. Pass this along to your liberal kinsman in the U.S. The wolf pack is so sure he is going to win they have turned the gas on, and the ovens are at maximun temperature. They are in a drunken frenzy, and drooling. They are so close to the finale finnish of Israel, NOTHING CAN STOP THEM NOW!!!!