Thursday, October 25, 2012

Apropos Contra Sigal Samuel

On the issue of sluttiness in the public square, and my response to her rebuttal, I now see this:

Cherub Press is proud to announce the publication of

Kabbalah, Volume 28 (2012)  320 pp. [English and Hebrew] ISBN 1-933379-31-6


Studies in English


Avraham Elqayam: Nudity in the Sanctus Sanctorum: Philo and Plotinus on Nudity, Esthetics and Sanctity

Dr Avraham Elqayam is Head of the Shlomo Moussaieff Center for Kabbalah Research and Senior lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, Division of Jewish Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities, in Bar-Ilan University, Israel...He is active in various inter-faith dialogue frameworks and maintains connections with Arab and Turkish Sufi mystic leaders. He is a founding member and member of the stirring committee of The Way of Abraham, a Jewish-Islamic Sufi order, and active member of the Homme de Parole organisation for interfaith dialogue.


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