Friday, October 26, 2012

Upsetting Moore More

The guy behind Sarah Silverman's political sex antics and other far-left (anti-Sheldon Adelson ad) so-called-Jewish pro-Obama propaganda comes out:

He's Mik Moore who is president of the Jewish Council for Education and Research that launched “Obama On Israel,” a project aimed at presenting information about the president’s record on Israel.

Here's his thinking

...I took personally the disenfranchisement of voters in Palm Beach Country..In 2008, I co-founded an organization that set up what we called “The Great Schlep”...This year, the Romney/Ryan ticket and much of the Republican Party have been attempting to divide our generations, pitting one against the other...many of Romney’s proposals would hurt seniors.

Romney has vowed to repeal “Obamacare.”

...Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan seem to believe that you are ready to sell out your kids and grandkids as long as your needs are taken care of.  I think Romney and Ryan are wrong. They and their fellow Republicans are underestimating the bond that exists across the generations, inside our families. Jewish tradition speaks to this obligation, to teach and care for future generations: l’dor v dor. I experience it in my own family. And I saw it in the conversations between schleppers and bubbes four years ago.
In the final weeks of the campaign, let’s get on the phone and talk to our grandparents and grandchildren. And when we vote, let’s remember what’s at stake for everyone in our families.

I am almost enticed to think - my grandparents vs. Israel's existence.

But that might upset Moore more.

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