Monday, October 22, 2012

No Red Lines, She Claims or, Feminism in Egypt

This is Horeya Farghaly:

And last September we learned

Horeya Farghaly has 

no red lines

Egyptian actress Horeya Farghaly has told an online newspaper that her role in the serial “Dawaran Shubra” will be a break from the norm, something she considers positive. She said that she was happy with her role and her character. She said that it was the first time she is acting in a drama series, especially in a sad role. She said that she had to practice for her character for many days before starting filming.

One of the biggest problems she faced during the shoot was when she was attacked by thugs on set in the Cairo neighborhood of Shubra.

The crew removed the actors from the location to protect them and tried to confront the men, but Farghaly went to  a military checkpoint and asked soldiers to intervene. Farghaly criticized those who stereotype her as a seductive actress, 

especially after her role in the movie “Call Me, Thank You.”  She said people changed their minds when they saw her last Ramadan in two serials playing totally different characters.

End of story:

Houriya Farghali perform Hajj
In an atmosphere of tranquility, and temporal dimension of the limelight and lenses, Egyptian artist nymph Farghali decided to travel to the Holy Land [Saudi Arablia, that is] accompanied by her mother, to perform the Hajj, to gain psychological and mental serenity caused by the proximity of the house of God and so did.

She expressed before leaving Cairo her happiness that her new film, "Photographer Dead", will participate in the official competition of the events within the Arab films Cairo International Film Festival in its thirty-fifth session, which will be held from 28 November to 6 December.

Where did those red lines go?

Did she yield to Islamism by going to Canossa, or was this an honest, genuine act of religious pilgrimage?


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