Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UDI for "Palestine" Irresponsible

That's what Avi Yesawich says:

...the UN will be recognizing a state whose government(s) maintains questionable legitimacy among its own population[s], is maligned by deep corruption and internal fighting, lacks control over terror cells that undermine all peace efforts, is depressingly mismanaged and is completely dependent on Israeli industry [and abuses human rights, wages against a free press, encourages honor killings, lacks judicial transparency, et al. - YM]. The world will be voting into existence a welfare state that currently owes much of its sustenance to the donations of the international community and Israeli tax transfers [together with huge embezzlement scandals - YM].

The Fatah- Hamas reconciliation agreement has proven to be a failure and never came close to being implemented – and it may never be. Abbas recently rejected the recognition of Israel as the Jewish State [and rejected Jewish residency therein - YM]. The recent terror attacks and rocket fire emanating from Gaza have shown that terrorist groups other than Hamas hold considerable political and military sway in the Gaza Strip [and the PA is responsible for terror incitement - YM]. Israeli security cooperation with Fatah has minimized similar developments in the West Bank, although that certainly didn’t prevent the Itamar massacre or other recent murders [and yesterday's drive=over attack. - YM]. Are these positive signs that point to a nation ready for statehood?

Of course, the real question is do they desire a state or are seeking yet another instrument of power to deny Jews our rights in the land?


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