Friday, August 19, 2011

Terrorists Are Worse Than Sudanese Infiltrators?

Deputy Minister for Health Yaako Litzman asks, in Hebrew:

if the border is wide open for infiltrators from Sudan, is it a wonder terrorists can get through?

And I add:

is any responsibility for Thursday's events to be attributed, in any way, to the "human rights groups" and other organizations that wage a campaign of sympathy for the infiltrators, the "persecuted ones", "assylum seekers", from the Sudan and other countries, the prostitutes/sex slaves (willing or not), who come across Israel's Sinai border and are cuddled and protected and made heroes?   Journalists that accompanied them coming across?

Could, perhaps, the solidarity they generated slowed down in the years previously the building of the fence there?

Think about that.



Anonymous said...

What about New Yorkers moving to the occupied territories because they think G-d gives a shit about them?

YMedad said...

"diarrhea of the mouth signifies constipation of the brain". try simple language without the abuse & expletives.

and what have they to do with anything? Gaza is under Hamas rule. Oh, you mean they want all of "Palestine" back, the destruction of israel? that terror from Sinai and the then WB preceded 1967 and "occupation". Unconstipate Anon.

Anonymous said...

You can't build a country on oppression and the belief that G-d cares about you. He doesn't.

do you know why the Temple was destroyed? Because Jews can't do power.